Feb 242014
The Home Page Alert feature

The emergency closure: it happens to all schools. Boiler failure, a kitchen fire, a water leak. Something which needs to be urgently communicated to parents. Or it might just be an event you want to publicise, such as a forthcoming open evening. ‘Get something on the website home page’ goes out the anguished cry from the Head’s office. But a line of text on a busy home page is easily [...more]

Back to school website checklist

Welcome back!   Here’s a few quick things you might find useful to check on your school website at the start of term:    1) Log in When I return from holiday I often look at the log in screen on my PC in a blind panic.  Just what was the password? So even if you don’t need to, a good start would be to check you can still remember [...more]

5 things to do on your website before the end of term

It’s a busy time of year, no question, but you can bet September will be even more hectic! So here’s 5 tips to help you ensure your school website hits the ground running in the new academic year.   1) Review old content Purge those old newsletters and letters to parents. While you’re at it, why not have a quick flick through the pages and see if there’s anything else [...more]

Nov 142012
Document Autolists in the CMS

“It would be great if I could add all my policies in one go without creating umpteen individual links on a page one by one” Absolutely! And while you’re at it, why not newsletters, letters to parents and other documents? So we’ve taken your suggestions and created ‘autolists’ within our Content Management System (CMS). Once an autolist is dropped into a page you may never need to edit that page [...more]

Update the School Website? Snow Way!

Tips to make it easy to stay on top of your website when it snows “I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.” Okay, that’s a worst case scenario. Hopefully winter won’t last as long as it did for Phil in Groundhog Day, but with last December the coldest on record, you probably [...more]