You already know that Ofsted will be looking at your school website prior to an inspection. The School Inspection Handbook states that inspection planning should be informed by analysis of, amongst other things: “Information available on the school’s website, which may include a prospectus and other information for parents.” Source: School Inspection Handbook, September 2013 What you may not know unless you’ve read all 18 of the September 2013 inspection [...more]

Mar 142013
Ofsted Inspections & School Websites

It’s been no secret that for many years Ofsted have been having a peak at school websites prior to inspection or as part of their risk assessments. But the heat has been turned up and schools have been telling us that Ofsted are really taking a good look at school websites at present: A couple of weeks ago, Ofsted came visiting and used the website as a source of information gathering ahead [...more]

Ofsted School Website Guidelines?

It’s been just over a month since the new school website statutory requirements regarding the content of school websites came into force. So far this term we’ve had several hundred schools contact us mentioning the new Ofsted School Website guidelines. Though these requirements aren’t strictly from Ofsted, there is plenty of evidence that with no notice inspections, they will be taking a very good look at your school website ahead of [...more]

Statutory Requirements for School Websites

New regulations for school websites come into force on 1st September 2012 by way of amendments to the School Information Regulations 2008. If the school does not have their own website they must arrange for this information to be published on a website and the details made known to parents.

May 312012
Cookies and School Websites

You may already be aware that on 26th May 2012 new rules about cookies on websites came into force. Read more details about they might affect your school website.

Jul 012011

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Farewell London School Websites

Farewell LGfL DigitalBrain School Websites Many schools used the LGfL DigitalBrain portal service to provide their school website: But,the portal service ceased on 31st July 2010. Read only access was provided until 31st December, but schools will no longer have access without incurring charges. You can read more on the LGfL website. What’s left is a bit of a mess. Some school websites are out there but can’t be edited. [...more]